The “suave Irishman” plays Eli McCullough on AMC’s ‘The Son’.

Pierce Brosnan has revealed that his own experience as an Irish immigrant in the US helped him prepare for his role in AMC’s drama ‘The Son.’

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Sharp Magazine features Pierce Brosnan on the cover of their May issue and explores Brosnan’s role of Eli McCullough in the AMC epic drama that was adapted from the Philipp Meyer novel of the same name.

In playing Eli McCullough, Brosnan plays what Sharp believes to be his “most deeply American role,” but the Irish actor says “the heart and soul of Eli is that of my Irish ancestors.

“The rest was conjured from various tapes of politicians and rock musicians, and just diving in, headfirst.”

Pierce Brosnan in 'The Son'

Pierce Brosnan in 'The Son'

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Brosnan adds:  “The Irish definitely have a propensity for melancholia.

“If you can understand it within yourself and allow yourself not to be agitated by it, you can find very good work. Being an actor is about constructing and destroying. You have to investigate yourself, and go to places where you don’t wish to go.”

The Irish actor also shed some light on how he fine-tuned the rustic Texan accent he uses in the show, which is both set in and filmed in Texas.

“I’ve been complimented by Texans,” says Brosnan of his adopted Texas accent, which he trained with an Irish dialogue coach on. “And I’ve accepted the compliments. I believe them!”

He adds, “They may have just been very polite.”

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Watch the trailer for the second season of ‘The Son,’ which premiered on April 27, here:

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