Sounds like Pierce Brosnan might be regretting his votes for President Obama. The 60-year-old naturalized American citizen has done well for himself in his adopted home, but Uncle Sam’s tax bite means he has to keep working.

“Mr. Obama likes to take as much as he can get out of your pocket, you know. We voted for this fellow and it’s like, let’s just pull asunder what you’ve built. So you have to work, and I love to work. Nothing comes from nothing,” Brosnan said in a wide-ranging interview with Britain’s Daily Telegraph last weekend.

The Irish-born actor has taken Obama to task in the past for inaction against illegal whaling. Brosnan and his wife Keely are committed environmentalists.

Speaking of Keely, Brosnan says marriage helps to keep him on the straight and narrow as far as the ladies go. Given his striking good looks, heaven knows he could have a harem if he wanted.

“I was 23, 24, when I first married,” he said. “There was a wildness before then, and there was a wildness after I lost my first wife, there were a number of years there. Not many. But I enjoy married life; it gives me balance and continuity and steadfastness that helps my creativity. I think if I allowed myself to go nuts, I don’t know… it could be dangerous.”

Brosnan, of course, became a widower at the age of 38 when his first wife Cassandra Harris died of ovarian cancer. They had a son together; Pierce and Keely are also raising two teen boys at their base in Malibu.

Brosnan praised his mother for leaving Navan, Co. Meath when he was a child. She really had no choice as her husband took off when Pierce was only two.

“It was extremely courageous of her to get out of the mangled lifestyle of Catholicism and shaming, and find a life for herself and myself,” says Brosnan. “I wouldn’t have had my career if she’d stayed in Ireland and been persecuted for being a single mother in the fifties, by the church and the gossip of the town.”

It’s been quite a career, capped by Brosnan’s four portrayals of James Bond. He won’t watch any of those films with his sons and still harbors feelings of insecurity about his place in Bond history.

“I have no desire to watch myself as James Bond. ‘Cause it’s just never good enough. It’s a horrible feeling,” he says.