In the second Ladies semifinal Na Fianna used pivotal goals to advance to meet Kerry/Donegal. Their star was midfielder Kim Flood, who scored eight points over the extended hour -- extended because the lights were lost for a 20 minute period with six minutes left in the game.

The break did little to stop Na Fianna’s advance and they will start as favorites on the heels of this victory.

Na Fianna had a 2-7 to 1-3 lead at the break with the first goal coming from Margaret Brady, while Brianna Tierney blasted the second after a previous effort had rattled off the post. Flood had three points in the same period and their dominance was clear throughout.

Cavan’s one respite was a goal from their best player Vivienne McCormack, and they had late points from Kate Byrne and Sarah Murphy. They were always behind the eight ball, however, as Na Fianna’s strengths were dominating across the field.

Cavan did have a resurgence in the second half when Emma Clarke was introduced off the bench. McCormack continued her excellent play, but they found Clodagh Maloney in impressive form at full back for Na Fianna.

Scores from Molloy, O’Rourke, Brianna Tierney and Heather Durcan extended the advantage with the side coasting when the lights went out with six minutes left. After the long break Na Fianna continued on their merry way to an 11 point victory.

Cavan: 1 Nora Kilkenny, 2 Katie Kilkenny, 3 Aoife O’Rourke, 4 Caroline McBrien, 5 Catriona Rafferty, 6 Ciara Scally, 7 Fiona Shelly (0-1), 8 Katie Byrne (0-1), 9 Mairead Ruane, 10 Kelly Donohoe (0-3), 11 Vivienne McCormack (1-0), 12 Rosie O’Reilly (0-1), 13 Sarah Murphy (0-1), 14 Niamh Walsh, 15 Ashley Callery. Subs: Emma Clarke (0-3), Laurna Smith.

Na Fianna: 1 Lisa McIntyre, 2 Cait McWeeney, 3 Clodagh Maloney, 4 Imelda Mullarkey, 5 Shannon Spillane, 6 Stephanie Tierney, 7 Katriona Lynch, 8 Heather Durkin, 9 Kim Flood (0-8), 10 Margaret Brady (1-1), 11 Brianna Tierney (1-1), 12 Kelly McCormack (0-1), 13 Mary O’Rourke (0-1), 14 Molly O’Rourke (2-1), 15 Michelle Brennan. Subs: Karen Buckley, Kiera O’Connor, Katie Murphy, Kayla Coughlin.

Referee: Keith Tighe.

Player of the game: Kim Flood.