The cost of living in Limerick is significantly higher than Dublin, Cork or Galway, according to the latest cost of living index.

And shoppers in the Treaty City pay almost one-third more for their groceries than people living in Dublin or Cork, and a massive 43 percent more than it costs to fill a shopping trolley in Galway.

The latest figures show that on a scale of one to 100, Limerick is the most expensive of the four major cities in the Republic, scoring 92.88 as against Dublin’s 83.78, Cork, which clocks in at 76.81, and Galway at 73.89.

The index is made up of a combination of expenses including groceries, rent, dining out and transport.

But while consumer prices in Limerick are more than 20 percent higher than in Cork, nearly 26 percent higher than in Galway and 11 percent higher than in Dublin, rent in Limerick is less than half what people are paying in Dublin.

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Renting a property in Limerick will cost a third less than renting in Cork and more than 28 percent less than renting in Galway.

The price index is compiled from everyday items, such as lettuce, which is less costly in Limerick, and milk and white bread, both of which are more expensive in Limerick than in the capital.

However, buying a new car is easier on the pocket in Limerick than in Dublin.

Those who like a tipple fare better in Limerick than in Dublin – a pint, on average, costs 10 percent less in Limerick. A McMeal at McDonald's, however, will set you back an extra €0.75. Overall, however, dining out in Limerick is a less pricey experience than it is in Dublin or Cork.

H/T: Limerick Post.