You might remember a 2016 contretemps started by the Irish director/screenwriter John Carney, who helmed "Once" and "Begin Again," the latter starring Keira Knightley and Adam Levine.

"Begin Again" didn’t light up the box office, even though it was a really good movie, and Carney let loose about Knightley in a later interview, saying he would never “make a film with supermodels again.”

Keira, a two-time Oscar nominee, took the criticism in her stride, she told The Irish Times in a piece that appeared last weekend, acknowledging that she and Carney weren’t best buds on the set.

Irish director of "Sing Street" and "Once" John Carney.

Irish director of "Sing Street" and "Once" John Carney.

“I was sort of thrilled,” she said of the supermodel slam.

“I’ve been called many things in my life, many worse things – but I’ve never been called a supermodel. Thanks!

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“It was a very difficult shoot. We didn’t get on. It’s just a thing that happens sometimes and I say that with no blame. It takes two to tango. I think we can both be very proud of ourselves for the film that we made because it’s difficult when a lead actor and director don’t get on. And I don’t think you could tell that from watching the film.”

Carney to his credit offered a sincere public and private apology to Knightley.

“And I’ve accepted that apology,” she said.

“He does have a big personality.  And that’s part of what makes him a wonderful writer. Once is a great film. Begin Again is a wonderful film. It didn’t do what we hoped. So there was a level of disappointment attached. Except in South Korea. It was huge in South Korea.”

Here's the trailer for "Begin Again":

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