The six-year-old Irish Wolfhound and mascot of the Irish Guards in London isn't in the best of health but is being forced to continue work.

Spare a thought for poor Domhnall, the six-year-old Irish Wolfhound and mascot of the Irish Guards in London – who famously meets Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate every St. Patrick’s Day – who’s allegedly being worked like, well, a dog in his last days.

Domhnall’s got a bum hip and requires round the clock care, a story in The Sun said last week, and members of the Irish Guards are furious that the powers that be are forcing the pooch to attend ceremonial events and parades.  They’ve even started a campaign and spray painted a wall at their barracks with the hashtag #Justice4Domhnall.

Squaddies have daubed their support for the Wolfhound on the walls of their barracks, writing #Justice4Domhnall with spray paint.
'The lads love that dog. But Domhnall has...

— Julia Charnley (@JuliaCharnley) April 20, 2018

“The lads love that dog. People are saying the dog is being overworked constantly. He was meant to be retired a long time ago, he’s not well, but is being worked to his death bed,” one source told the paper.

Kate and William visit the barracks every St. Patrick’s Day as Wills is the colonel of the Irish Guards. Photo-ops with Domhnall always take center stage, but it looks like the poor pup might have had has last brush with royalty if he’s so unwell. The life expectancy for the Irish Wolfhound is seven, so he’s right up there.

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Here's Domhnall leading the changing of the Irish Guard at Windsor Castle:

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