A woman in her fifties who expressed anger with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was arrested on Tuesday after she drove her car into the locked gates of Government Buildings in Dublin.

The Irish Times reports that when she pulled up at the gates at 10 a.m. they were closed. Only staff using security passes can drive through.

A police officer in a small office alongside the gates told the woman that she could not proceed.

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The scene at Government Buildings just now @rtepolitics @rtenews pic.twitter.com/IIPgr5vqhn

— Mícheál Lehane (@MichealLehane) August 21, 2018

She then expressed anger with Varadkar and sought to drive through the closed entrance, colliding at low speed with the pillar of the gates.

Her car stopped and the Irish woman, who lives in south Dublin, was taken from the vehicle and arrested. She has since been released without charge. 

Video: Gardaí say no terrorism link after car crashes into gates at Government Buildings https://t.co/d1U0am0bQY pic.twitter.com/yxghtHDZzG

— BreakingNews.ie (@breakingnewsie) August 21, 2018

Gardaí said inquiries were ongoing and they were treating the incident as a form of low-level protest action rather than terrorism or any major security alert. A file on the matter is being produced for the Director of Public Prosecutions.