“I’m never drinking again.”

Those words are often uttered but rarely meant. In the midst of the holiday season, office parties, boozy brunches and pub-crawls cause hangovers aplenty.

Some sufferers rely on good old H2O, while others throw caution to the wind and reach for the hair of the dog. Claiming to be the best solution, however, is EON, a citrus drink that packs a healing punch.

EON, or End Of Night, is packed full of the vitamins, nutrients and electrolytes that alcohol depletes the body of. “A lot of people want to know what the magic is,” co-creator Sean Dillon told the Irish Voice. “It’s really not magic, it’s basic science.”

Partners Sean Dillon, Pete Fitzpatrick, Dr. Fred Murphy and Frankie Dwyer asked themselves the age-old question — why does alcohol cause hangovers?

Murphy was aware of the pathophysiology, or medical causes, of a hangover, among which are dehydration, metabolic toxicity and malnutrition. Through years of working in emergency rooms, he also knew the protocol used to eliminate signs and symptoms of excessive alcohol consumption.

The team channeled this knowledge, tested, tasted, and finally came up with the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and taste.

Launched last fall, EON is sold in bars, convenience stores, beer distributors and liquor stores across New York City, Long Island, northern New Jersey, and central Pennsylvania.

EON can be drank before bed to prevent a hangover, in the morning to cure a hangover, or can even be used as a mixer if consumers want to kill two birds with one stone. Their website even offers up some EON cocktail recipes such as the Tom Colleons and the Eongarita.

If you decide to stick with an old fashioned beverage, Dillon suggests taking an EON for the road.

“It’s great because you can take it out of the bar since it’s non-alcoholic. Buy one on your way out and drink it during the cab ride home,” he suggests.

EON has been generating great feedback from consumers. “The biggest thing is getting it in people’s hands and having them try it,” Dillon explains. “Initially people are skeptical but once they try it and realize how well it works, they’re hooked.”

Hangover symptoms can include fatigue, headache, sensitivity to light, thirst, rapid heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, vertigo, depression, anxiety and irritability.

In essence, they are not pleasant!
So, if that bacon, egg and cheese just isn’t absorbing enough of the previous night’s toxicity, an EON is surely worth a try.  Sláinte!

For more on EON, visit www.drink-eon.com.