Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly has received a warning from Gardai (police) about death threats made to him by dissident Republicans.

Kelly said he, his family and staff have received death threats since Irish Water was set up. The threats came as heightened concerns at Leinster House, the seat of government, have given rise to plans for increased security.

Kelly told Miriam O’Callaghan her show that a police superintendent in Co. Tipperary informed him that he was under threat from dissident Republicans.

“It’s a difficult thing to talk about because it’s one thing to have some threats about yourself or nasty stuff about yourself but it’s another thing for stuff to be sent to your family, your wife, your parents but also your staff,” Kelly said.

“These people just work for me and there’s people ringing them up saying they are going to be killed.”

The threats have been linked to an ongoing national campaign not to pay water charges since the collection agency Irish Water was established last year.

Separately, Gardai have warned TDs (members of Parliament) that Leinster House is under potential threat from “fixated loners.”

Consideration is being given to installing additional internal alarms and upgrading external CCTV to counteract the risk of someone concealing themselves on the premises during the nighttime lock-up.

The security threat level at Leinster House was reviewed after an earlier incident in April of last year when a young man armed with a sword that had been concealed in a guitar case, as well as several knives on his person, attempted to gain entry to the Dail (Parliament).

A document in a Garda report revealed a threat from “fixated loners” could come from people who believe they have been slighted, those who think they are being tortured or investigated, those on a quest or from the “deluded.”

The report recommended electronic scanning equipment be used on all visitors to Leinster House, which would represent a significant change to procedure.

An “anti-bandit” screen is also to be installed at the Leinster House reception desk.

A Leinster House spokesman said he was not in a position to comment on security matters.