Building on the visit of the Irish-based Gaelic Players Association (GPA) to Breezy Point earlier this year, when stars of Ireland's Gaelic games helped with the recovery and reconstruction effort after Hurricane Sandy, the GPA is hosting the Breezy Gaelic Sports Team Building Day on Saturday, June 8.

The day is being organized with the Breezy Point community to raise funds for the recovery effort while also supporting the GPA's education programs.

This all day team building event will take place in the Breezy Point ball field, located right in the heart of the community that is still in the early stages of recovery several months after the devastating storm.

The day's events will include seven-a-side Gaelic football competitions for novices who will compete for the Breezy Cup, while the more experienced players will compete for the Irish American Cup. 

There will also be a special program of team building and entertainment for adults and kids, followed by a barbecue prepared by the Breezy Point Volunteer Fire Service.

Players of all levels of experience – even none at all – are welcome to attend.  Leading Irish sports stars will be on hand throughout the day to coach, cajole and guide all the teams to ensure they get the most from this unique team building opportunity. The teams will also get a chance to try hurling, the fastest field game in the world.

All are invited to be part of the day. How can companies help? Sign up for $5,000 for a squad of 12 and encourage friends to join.

For information visit the event’s Twitter feed, @SportsBreezy, or