Jamie Dornan has been doing the rounds in Hollywood these past few days as the town commences its weeks-long awards show swing, culminating in the Oscars on February 22.

His first U.S. star vehicle, Fifty Shades of Grey, opens on February 13, and Dornan presented an award at the Golden Globes with his co-star Dakota Johnson. They didn’t exactly scream chemistry when they were on stage, but we’ll just have to reserve judgment for the film based on the best-selling S&M novels by British writer EL James.

BuzzFeed christened Dornan’s beard as a marvel “hand crafted by angels themselves.” His many fans on Twitter agreed, with one gushing, “I'm actually convinced that Jamie Dornan's beard is the supreme ruler of all beards.”

The Northern Irish actor/model had a rather nice looking date for the Golden Globes – his wife, British singer/actress Amelia Warner, who once upon a time had a make-believe marriage with the aforementioned Colin Farrell.