Tristan MacManus made a name for himself as one of the dance professionals on Dancing With the Stars a few years back, you may remember. The Dublin native spent five seasons on the popular reality show as a dance pro paired with the likes of Valerie Harper and Gladys Knight.

Tristan left DWTS at the end of 2013, and has been doing the same thing on the British version, Strictly Come Dancing, pretty much ever since. Last week he was back in Dublin for a bit to promote his role as a judge in an upcoming Irish student theater awards competition, and said he’d be happy to return home with his Aussie wife if the right opportunity presented itself.

“I’d like to do something that actually means something, specifically here. I’d like to do something that actually contributes to something more than just getting ratings,” he told the website

“There’s a lot of great dance schools here, but I find that people need something else after that, otherwise you’re just coming in and learning dances every week, which is fun but I mean what are you gonna do with that?”

MacManus, 33, married his wife, actress Tahyna Tozzi, in Sydney in 2014, and says she’d have no problem eventually settling in Ireland because she loves it there.