Saoirse Ronan might not be the number one favorite to win her first Best Actress Oscar – it seems Brie Larson of Room is topping the list right now, but that could change – but as far as Helen Mirren is concerned, she’s got the coveted award in the bag.

"Just give her the Oscar already," Mirren recently told the U.K. publication Woman’s Way. "Because oh my word, Saoirse was absolutely astounding in that film [Brooklyn]."

"She’s outstanding in whatever she does. I'm a big fan. It’s incredible to have that much power and vulnerability and wisdom at her age, so, so young. It’s really remarkable.”

Saoirse, 21 and a newly minted Vanity Fair cover girl along with a host of other actresses in this year’s Hollywood issue, has gotten to know Oscar winner from the awards show circuit. And Mirren, one of the finest actresses of our time, likes what she sees.

"She's wonderful! Because she's nominated for Oscars and SAG Awards and Golden Globes I had the advantage of spending time with her over the last two or three months and oh my God, she's so cool," Mirren said. "I'm a little bit in love with her."

Currently rehearsing for her Broadway debut in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, the show’s producers cut Saoirse some slack when they pushed back the preview debut to March 1, to accommodate her appearance at the Oscars on February 28.