I WAS saddened to read the very terse, defensive response by Debbie McGoldrick to the letters about Christina Walsh in last week’s issue.

I have heard people talking about this for over a week, and the unanimous opinion in my own little neck of the woods is that the coverage of the Walshes was offensive and, at best, poorly thought out.

I do not know why putting a front-page photo of Mr. Walsh (whom I do not know) and his family was necessary to convey the so-called "Irish connection."

The man is clearly an elderly man and he is not the newsmaker; neither are the young lady’s sisters.

Just because you have the right to do something doesn't mean you should do it.

I do not read the Irish Voice for sensational style news.  I read it to keep informed of matters important to the Irish community.

In my opinion, you missed the target badly here.

Marcella Mulligan
Yonkers, New York