Colin Farrell is in line for a starring part in Warcraft, which will bring to screen the popular video game World of Warcraft.

“The role-playing game takes place in a medieval-like setting where players control avatars that take on gryphons, dragons, zombies, werewolves and elves. Time travel and alien worlds also are part of the mix. The project is one of Legendary’s biggest and was supposed to be made at Warner Bros.,” a story on says.

Farrell is “50-50” to sign on, but it’s interesting that the film’s producers are willing to take a chance on the Irishman. His track record in big-budget action films – we don’t know what the pricetag is for this one, but it’s likely in the multi-millions – isn’t too hot, so it’s good to see that the money men are still willing to take a chance on him.

Paula Patton – Mrs. Robin Thicke – is being sought for the female lead. Others on the wish list include Anton Yelchin and Travis Fimmel. Shooting starts in January.