We always knew Roma Downey was a star, and now it’s official – the Derry native was surrounded by family and friends as she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last week.

"I know this event is live streaming around the world and so many friends and family are tuned in," she said.

"Hello to everybody in Derry especially and I'm sending all my love across the sea. This is a great day for the Irish."

Speaking to her husband, super-producer Mark Burnett, Downey added, "I feel great today. I get to have a Hollywood star, lying right next to my husband's Hollywood star. If there was anyone I was going to lie on Hollywood Boulevard with it's you my love."

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It’s a big week for Downey and Burnett, as they finally debut their remake of Ben-Hur in cinemas across the country. The husband and wife producing team specialize in faith-based offerings such as The Bible, a mini-series that was a huge hit on the History Channel.

"This is a big, action-adventure drama," Downey of Ben-Hur. "But it also has, deep within it, this heartbeat of forgiveness that directly comes from Jesus, who transforms Judah's life forever.”

Burnett told Variety of his wife of nine years, “Roma and I are a very good team, and have lots of combined experience, but most importantly, we are in love and are best friends.”

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