I AM writing regarding Kathleen Kemmey’s letter “Sinn Fein Lies” (November 17-23), and also the recent Irish Voice articles on Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams going to Louth to contest the upcoming elections in the Republic, so that he can be on the political front in Dublin.

It is an amazing transformation from leader of Sinn Fein, to one being led by a government of insecure liars who have done not one thing to help out the people who put them into office to begin with.

By someone saying that the Orange Order doesn’t exist is a lie.  As for the Sinn Fein guests who spoke in New York on November 5, making such a statement is truly a lot of propaganda.  I wonder if these guests were connected to the U.S. Justice Department instead of the Friends of Sinn Fein?

The violence in the six counties that occurred on July 12, 2010 was brought about by the Orange Order, who wanted to march through the Nationalist, Catholic neighborhoods. They speak of “peace” with other governments, like the U.S., the great British ally, and rub it into the Nationalist and Catholics’ face, all in the name of “peace.”

And when the people who are taught and know the truth rise up against this type of atrocity, all hell breaks loose.

It’s all about good cop, bad cop, and making the IRA look bad. Plus, when one of your own calls you a traitor and a dissident, it truly makes you look bad.

When politicians sleep with the enemy for greed, then turn around and straight out lie to the party supporters, it is no wonder that all of the party’s efforts on both sides of the pond have been for naught.

Lorcan McCoy
Terre Haute, Indiana