Before she found love with Sean Penn, Oscar winner Charlize Theron was in a relationship with Irish actor Stuart Townsend for nine years. That want kaput in 2010 and we haven’t heard much from Stu since, but he’s hardly been off the grid in the romance department.

Costa Rica is his base now, according to his brother Dylan, who told Dublin’s Evening Herald last week that Stuart is in love with a woman from the country, and they’re expecting baby number two.

"He's in Costa Rica now, he's bought land in Costa Rica and he hasn't been living in LA for the past six months. He's got a whole new family,” Dylan, also an actor, said.

"He's about to have a second child and he's fallen in love with a Costa Rican girl as well, and he has his piece of land, so yeah, totally new journey for him … he’s sort of fallen off the map, bringing up children. He’s got a whole new family, yeah, and no one knows about it,” he added.

Dubliner Stuart, 42, was on Charlize’s arm when she won her Best Actress Oscar in 2004, and he once told an interviewer that they considered themselves wed, even though they never had a ceremony.

"I don't need a certificate or the state or the church to say otherwise. So no there's no big official story on a wedding, but we are married ... I consider her my wife and she considers me her husband,” he said.

After they split Stuart did some U.S. TV work, including a co-starring role in a short-lived ABC series, Betrayal.