I WOULD like to share with the readers of the Irish Voice an article I read about a decision of a Belgian appeals court on the matter of abortion. It sent chills down my spine because it shows how evil leads on to evil and may never be turned back.

I quote, “A Belgian appeals court has ruled that doctors can be held responsible for the ‘wrongful birth’ of a child with disabilities. The court found that while the doctors did not cause the child's injuries, they were at fault for his ‘being born with such disabilities.’

“The court explained that the legislature in enacting a law to allow abortion must have intended to help avoid giving birth to children with abnormalities, having regard not only for the interests of the mother but for the unborn child. Thus the court reasoned that the interest of the unborn child requires its death.”

That, my fellow Irish Voice readers, is a factual example of secular progressive socialist modern logic. Its end game is to eliminate completely any lingering notion that human life has a sacred dimension.

In other words, God is not welcome.

We may rightfully be able to boast as moderns about the technological advances of this generation. But I doubt we can do much boasting about secular socialist progressive modern views on the sacred value of human life.

We are all abhorred by the radical Islamic jihadists' total disregard for innocent human lives they slaughter.

How far away, I might ask, are we from the jihadist in this cold, distorted and evil logic proclaimed by erudite judges sitting comfortably in their black robes in this Belgian court?
The only difference, factually speaking, is we don't see the blood on the floors of the court.

John Rogers
Voorhees, New Jersey