This has been quite the year for Irish singer/songwriter Hozier. He’s got all kinds of good going on, including a Grammy Award nomination announced last week in the prestigious Song of the Year category, where he’ll compete against Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Sia and Meghan Trainor.

Andrew Byrne-Hozier, as he’s formally known, guested on Saturday Night Live earlier this year, and performed with Swift, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande at last week’s Victoria’s Secret show in London. Spotify named his hit song “Take Me to Church” as its Most Viral Track of the Year.

Need more? He’s adding concert dates all over the U.S. for next year which are going down a treat, but for now he’s resting and playing some shows back home in Ireland in the run-up to Christmas.

“By nature I'm an awkward person, I'm a gangly introvert. I feel my duty is to make music. And then you get into this whole malarkey. I just came from VH1 and they're asking me about my hair,” Hozier, 24, told the Sunday Independent in Dublin.

The Co. Wicklow native better get used to the inanity given how fast his career is soaring.