An Irish citizen has dramatically escaped a forced marriage in Bangladesh where she endured sexual violence and emotional abuse. 

The anonymous 21-year-old woman was taken to Bangladesh from Dublin by her family at the age of 20 under the pretence that she was going to visit her sick grandmother. 

However, her phone and passport were taken off her once she arrived there and her family pressured her into a forced marriage. 

Six months later, she escaped the marriage from hell in dramatic circumstances, the Herald reports. 

She found a way to contact her boyfriend back in Dublin who in turn contacted Britain's Forced Marriage Unit since Ireland has no such task force. 

The Forced Marriage Unit alerted the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs about the issue and the two governments worked in tandem to plot her escape. 

British officials in Bangladesh made sure that she was on her own before escorting her out the back of her apartment building. There she was met by a bulletproof car and taken to the airport. 

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Gardaí met her when she landed in Dublin, taking her to a women's refuge and 

The anonymous woman said that she didn't even speak the same language as her "husband" and she told the Herald that she was sexually assaulted almost every day during their two-month "marriage." 

"It was horrifying. I remember having almost an out-of-body experience. I wasn't even sobbing or anything, there were just tears as I lay there. I felt totally numb," she told the Herald. 

She said that her family returned to Ireland almost immediately after the marriage took place, leaving her stranded in Bangladesh with no passport and no means to return to Ireland. 

The woman believed that she would spend the rest of her life in the horrific marriage and admitted that she felt suicidal at times. 

She said that she wanted to help other women who may be stuck in similar situations and claimed that there are unknown cases of forced marriages happening in Ireland on a regular basis. 

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