Europeans spend more on traveling home for Christmas than they do on gifts

The average Irish person travels an estimated 814 kilometers to get home for Christmas, placing them amongst the furthest-traveling Europeans for the holidays.

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Only the Portuguese beat out the Irish in travel distance for the holidays as they travel an estimated 891 kilometers, according to new research conducted by Fly Research for MasterCard.

The research, which surveyed 10,000 people from 19 countries across Europe, also found that the average European spends more on traveling home (€322) for the holidays than they do on Christmas presents (€238).

Perhaps not surprisingly, most people surveyed said they travel at the holidays in order to see their parents, but 29 percent said they would travel to see their pet too.

The survey found that December 24, Christmas Eve, is the most popular day for travel.

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Sadly, not everyone can make it home for the holidays. Of those surveyed across Europe, 20 percent said they aren’t able to travel home. A quarter of that portion can’t go home due to finances, while another 22 percent said they have to work during the Christmas period. Of those who can’t make it home, a third said they plan on Skyping or Facetiming with their family back home on Christmas day.

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Rose Beaumont, the Senior Vice President of Business Enablement and European Comms at Mastercard, said: “We live at a time where people travel more and build careers and lives in new cities and countries around the world, but Christmas is still a time for getting home to be with family.

“Christmas has always been a major spending occasion, but with more and more people living away from their hometowns it has become one of the biggest travel occasions of the year too.”

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