A 19-year-old Irish man has claimed he was raped by two men after being kicked out of a brothel.

An Irish teenager has claimed he was raped by two men after being kicked out of a Spanish brothel. The 19-year-old is reported to have suffered the sex attack around 5 am on Sunday, July 7, and was brought to the hospital as a result of his injuries. 

The teen claims that he was lured into the brothel by two prostitutes who promised a strip tease but was kicked out once they learned he had no money. He alleged that two men were lying in wait outside the brothel and they raped him. 

The alleged attack happened when the youngster became separated from his friends on the infamous Punta Ballena strip in Magaluff.

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“The hospital called police because of the nature of the man’s injuries and officers went to the hospital and spoke to the man but he told them he did not want to press charges," a source told the Irish Mirror. 

“He also said he could not remember the name of the brothel he had been in.

“Although he has been described locally as British, police have his nationality as Irish.

“He was due to leave Majorca today so while detectives have recorded the incident, it is difficult to see how the case can progress without a formal complaint or confirmation of where it allegedly took place.”