Police say all the evidence shows that the mother of one “was raped and very badly assaulted in that penthouse suite” by the sportsman who was known to her.

The woman who has accused an international-renowned Irish sports star of rape and battery at a  south Dublin hotel penthouse is “too terrified” to make a formal statement to the police.

On Monday morning police were called to the woman’s home where she made an initial complaint. She alleges that she met the famous Irish sports star in Dublin while socializing with friends. The woman and sportsman, who were known to each other, then went to a high-end south Dublin hotel where she alleges the sex attack took place.

Police found her “bruised and battered” in her home and removed bloodied clothes from the premises before the woman, a mother of one who is in her 20s, was taken to the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit at the Rotunda Hospital for treatment, by ambulance.

A senior police source told the Irish Independent newspaper “The victim is too afraid to make a formal complaint at the moment, but that could change at a later date.”

A police source told Irish Mirror "Detectives and scenes of crime gardai arrived at the hotel on Tuesday evening. Their focus was to gather CCTV and examine any potential scene in a room to find traces that could identify the attacker through DNA.

"The victim has not made a statement as yet. She is in a deeply distressed state and is struggling emotionally. No arrests have been made."

Initially it was reported that the sex attack took place in the city center however it now emerges that the alleged incident took place at a high-end south Dublin hotel where the sports star had booked the penthouse under his name. The Mirror reports that the hotel was near the village of Dundrum.

The investigation was initially undertaken by the police based in the city center but has now being handled by detectives in Blackrock, in south Dublin.

The Irish Independent reports that the investigation may have been hampered due to the fact that the penthouse suite where the attack took place was cleaned by hotel staff after the sports star checked out of the hotel. However, this has not prevented police from carrying out a forensic examination.

Blackrock is the third police station to be involved in the investigation. Pearse Street Station police spent two days pieces the investigation together and established the location of the hotel.

A senior source said that despite the fact that the woman is still to scared to make a statement the police are continuing to investigate.

They said “That does not mean that this matter is closed – it’s very much a live investigation and CCTV will play a vital role.

“Gardai [Irish police] are now satisfied they finally have a chain of events, incorporating a proper timeline of sorts in this case – but there is a lot to be sorted here.

“At the end of the day, there is no doubt that this young lady suffered a horrendous ordeal – the examinations and all the evidence shows that she was raped and very badly assaulted in that penthouse suite.”

The police are yet to speak with the sports star and are unlikely to do so before the alleged victim makes a formal statement. Police are eager to speak with the alleged victim and the friends she was socializing with on Saturday and Sunday evening.