An Irish software company is developing an app that would assist with the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine around the world. 

Pharmapod, a Dublin-based software company that caters to healthcare professionals, is working on a cloud-based solution with the International Pharmaceutical Federation. The app is now in its final stages of development. 

The company says that the app will work by allowing users to book their vaccination appointments, while simultaneously providing real-time information to healthcare professionals, public health bodies, and businesses. 

Leonora O'Brien, founder and CEO of Pharmapod, said that the app would also allow members of the public to document any side effects they felt after receiving the vaccine and enable public health bodies to easily review how well their vaccination programs are working. 

"Essentially, the system will streamline the end-to-end process for patients and those administrating the vaccine. This will allow the public to easily book their vaccine via any device, schedule multiple doses, complete their eligibility criteria and provide details of any side-effects that have occurred," O'Brien told RTÉ News. 

"The data will flow securely from patient to administrator to national stakeholders and governmental organizations. Public health authorities will be able to receive real-time, anonymous information about how the vaccine rollout is working." 

Pharmapod is hoping to launch the app by the time vaccination programs are rolled out around the world. 

O'Brien told that the company is currently engaging with the Irish Government's COVID-19 Taskforce and said that the app could be used by any healthcare professional who was administering the vaccine. She anticipates that the app will be used in countries around the world. 

Pharmapod's system for reducing medication errors is already used in a number of countries, and the company currently has operations in the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.