Boston’s first new mayor in 20 years, Marty Walsh, a first generation Irish American, wasted no time in rolling up his sleeves as the 54th Mayor of the city.

During his Jan 6 inaugural speech Walsh, whose parents are from Connemara, highlighted his main priorities during his time as Mayor which include job creation, improving public safety and strengthening Boston’s education system.

Walsh spoke passionately throughout his speech about the need for community, the need for equality and also the need to unify the city commenting, “We cannot tolerate a city divided by privilege and poverty.”

One way he hopes to narrow the divide is by creating a better education system in the city.
Walsh, who returned to college later in life and graduated from Boston College, wants to see reform in the city’s current system so as to eliminate the achievement gap. “We are known the world over for our great colleges and universities. It’s time we had a world class public school system too.”

One of his first tasks will be to appoint a new Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools. Walsh believes that early education is imperative to creating better lives for the citizens of Boston. “Yes, these things cost money – but we must find a way.”

On his list of goals throughout his four years in office is to improve public safety. “We must redouble our efforts; recommit ourselves to the safety of every citizen in our city.” Walsh, who was once the victim of a gun attack, is all too aware of the impact gun violence can have on an individual, family, neighborhood and his beloved city and is determined to stop it. “No child should be forced to live with the trauma and the indelible scars of violence.”

Proving that he wasn’t just all talk Walsh, following his swearing-in ceremony at Boston College on Monday morning, got straight into work. First he addressed the Boston city council; afterwards he held a closed public safety meeting before finally ending his first day as Mayor visiting the New England Center for Homeless Veterans. Finally, and only after all business was taken care off, did he go onto his own inauguration celebration held on Monday night. Aa large crowd turned out to wish the new Mayor well.