The number of dual Irish-US citizens living in Ireland increased by 71.2% between 2016 and 2022, according to data from the Irish Census 2022 that was published by Ireland’s Central Statistics Office (CSO) this week.

30,044 people normally resident in the Irish State reported being dual Irish-US citizens during the Irish Census 2022, an increase of 12,492 from the previous figure of 17,552 reported during the Irish Census in 2016.

Of the 30,044 claiming dual Irish-US citizenship in 2022, the CSO reported that 16,639 were born outside of Ireland and 13,405 were born in Ireland.

Meanwhile, the Irish Census 2022 also showed an increase in the number of US citizens living in Ireland - 13,412 people said that they were US citizens, up 2,893 people from 2016's figure of 10,519, an increase of 27.5%.

According to the CSO, there were 4.3 million people who usually lived in Ireland who indicated that they had either Irish only or dual Irish citizenship, accounting for the vast majority - 84% - of Ireland's population on census night, April 3, 2022.

The number of people who reported dual Irish citizenship on census night 2022 was 170,597, an increase of 63% from 2016. People born in Ireland accounted for 37% of this group.

The largest groups of dual Irish citizens in Ireland on census night 2022 were Irish-UK (31,907), Irish-American (30,044), Irish-Polish (17,152), and Irish-Australian (14,444).

Among the Irish-UK citizens, 87% were born outside Ireland. The CSO notes that this figure was more balanced for Irish-American (55% born outside Ireland) and Irish-Polish (50%) citizens.

The number of non-Irish citizens in Ireland increased in 2022, accounting for 12% of the population, which reached more than 5 million for the first time since 1851.

The CSO noted that there were 18,566 people present in the Irish State on census night 2022 who indicated that their country of citizenship was Ukraine. Many of these people indicated that their country of usual residence was not Ireland, so they were not included in the CSO's country of citizenship figures, which are based on people who were usually resident in Ireland at the time of the census.

The CSO found that the biggest non-Irish groups in Ireland during the Irish Census 2022 were Polish (93,680) and UK citizens (83,347), followed by Indian (45,449), Romanian (43,323), and Lithuanian (31,177.)

Also among the larger non-Irish groups were Brazilian (27,338), Italian (18,319), Latvian (18,300), and Spanish (17,953) citizens.

The CSO noted that people completing the census may have been citizens of more than one country. Everyone who ticked both 'Ireland' and 'Other citizenship' in the country of citizenship question on their census form was grouped in these results as dual Irish citizens.

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