90 percent of IrishCentral readers think that Ireland should close its borders to COVID high-risk nations, according to our latest IrishCentral readers poll.

More than 200 people responded to our latest IrishCentral readers poll from countries including Ireland, the US, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand, with the vast majority stating that Ireland should block visitors from COVID high-risk nations.

While our poll was still active, the Irish government published it’s so-called “Green List.” Travelers arriving into Ireland from the 15 nations on the green list, who have similar or lower rates of coronavirus as compared to the Republic of Ireland, will not have to abide by the 14-day self-isolation period. 

Despite the publication of the green list, which is set to be reviewed fortnightly, the official advice from Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs remains to avoid all non-essential travel abroad.

It was also announced this week that people in Ireland who travel abroad while receiving Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) will have that assistance suspended, a decision that was met with a fair amount of confusion and condemnation. While some people in Ireland are being financially penalized for going abroad, the country is still open to visitors.

Results from our latest poll show that 90 percent of IrishCentral readers believe Ireland should close its borders to travelers arriving from COVID high-risk nations, just over 6 percent said that Ireland should not close its borders, and the remaining three percent said they weren’t sure:

90 percent of IrishCentral readers think Ireland should close its borders to COVID high-risk nations.

90 percent of IrishCentral readers think Ireland should close its borders to COVID high-risk nations.

Here's why some people said that Yes, Ireland should close its borders to COVID high-risk nations:

"The Irish people have worked so hard to keep everyone safe. Please don’t let other people (like my fellow Americans) make that all for nothing.  Stay Safe!"

"People aren't taking the virus seriously especially in America. They shouldn't have to deal with tourists from other countries. It's selfish of them to take a vacation during this time."

"Like New Zealand where I live, you have worked hard to stay safe, and you don't want dipsticks messing it up."

"My issue is, being from Canada, where our numbers are extremely low compared to the United States, we were denied being on the green list, as we were associated with North America. It's upsetting, as we are from Canada....we are not associated with the United States whatsoever."

"I live in the US and would dearly love to visit my daughter in Dublin but even though I am taking every precaution I can here, because of the crisis it is here, generally it’s not safe to take myself to Ireland. I appreciate everything the Irish government is doing to keep its citizens and my daughter safe. Do not take the chance and allow people from countries that can’t control their outbreaks."

"We're doing really well in Ireland right now.  It would be nice to keep it that way until next year when it should be safer for all to travel."

"As an island, Ireland is in a unique position to reduce the risk of exposure. People traveling to Ireland could potentially carry a different strain of the virus that we haven’t experienced. Island countries like Australia have extreme measures when it comes to entering the country, to avoid importing illnesses that are not present."

"Promote holidays in your own country, and don’t travel abroad, endangering yourself and others. "

"We have all suffered and been responsible as a nation, lost tens of billions to get COVID down. Letting in US tourists, with covid out of control - worse than Italy ever was, is unforgivable, I can't believe it's being allowed, it's really unbelievable. There are ways to allow US business visitors in like submitting a negative test before leaving the US, we don't need tourists that will spread the virus it's not worth it...also it's ridiculous to have them isolate in our hotels & B&B's even if they do self-isolate. We are also letting in planeloads of South Africans, where its also out of control. I just don't understand the government wanting to do nothing about it all, it's crazy."

"We need to protect our island both north and south, why would you let flights from America come in? We should be in lockdown until the COVID 19  virus is eradicated."

"There is no reason for the Irish to put themselves in danger from outsiders, especially notorious rule-breakers like Americans who follow their president's unhelpful example."

"Why chance bringing more of the virus into the country. Ireland is a small country and it could spread very fast. And I have traveled to Ireland every year for the last 18 years. Not this year. See you in 2021."

"Ireland has done a remarkable job of keeping the Covid virus in check. As an American citizen and a nurse, I can honestly say that my fellow countrymen are selfish, stupid, and irresponsible. They seem to have no regard for the greater good and choose to operate their daily lives in a manner that has no thought about who they might be killing."

"I have had to reschedule my dream vacation to Ireland twice now and will do it again without hesitation to preserve the beautiful country of my ancestors."

"Every country should do the utmost to safeguard the health of its citizens. It is a sad situation, but if by closing its borders will help, so be it."

"Americans will not listen to anyone and think they are entitled. I say that as an American."

"Living in America, I see first hand the lack of civic responsibility and duty to fellow citizens. If we as a nation cannot respect our own people's lives, how can or why should another country accept people who really do not care if they spread the virus or not."

"If the government has any respect for the Irish citizens' health the least they can do is close borders to high-risk countries. It seems money is more important to them than the people of Ireland. A lot of people have taken all precautions and its totally wrong to put us at risk again."

"Donald Trump has done a horrendous job of imparting the seriousness of this virus, and his followers have been empowered to act in all manner of selfishness.  Until all the people of the United States begin to act in their own health interests and start shutting this thing down, Ireland should close its ports of entry to Americans. Don’t allow a small number of American idiots (they’ll be the only ones traveling) to ruin the Irish public’s long, warm, and profitable relationship with its neighbors to the west. And very definitely protect the health of the Irish people. Sincerely, an American with long and proud ties to Ireland. See you in 2021!"

"There is no effective way to enforce visitors self quarantining for 14 days."

"My family canceled our trip to Ireland this year due to the pandemic. But many of my selfish, stupid countrymen/women haven’t seen fit to due the same. Closing the border will be the only thing they understand."

"Cooperation on everyone’s part is needed to stop the virus. It’s not the time for vacation."

"It’s a pandemic and people should not be moving around the world. Miss your holiday for 1 year, it might literally save your or someone else’s life."

"I'm in the USA, our national anti-virus response has been pathetic, Ireland save yourself!

"Because the pubs are closed. Tourists should not be allowed if the government is afraid of opening the pubs.

"I live in the US and have family in Ireland.  As a citizen of Ireland, I will not be traveling home this year from the US to visit my aging mother and other family members, because it would be foolhardy and I love my mother too much.  As it is here in the US, only Irish citizens and Irish legal residents should be flying into Ireland from Covid high-risk countries at this time."

"I am a Canadian, and our government has taken the pandemic VERY seriously....unlike other countries as we well know. Canada has closed its borders to the United States for good reason and I firmly believe that other countries should follow the same protocol, at least until the US can control the rising numbers."

"Because the government is not applying the same rules to visitors as they are to the Irish people."

"I’m an American. Close your borders and protect your people from countries like mine being governed recklessly."

"I'm an American who used to live in Ireland and still visit many friends there.  I had plans for a 2-3-month visit this fall, but I do believe that I should not go this year. Maybe if the U.S. government had shut our own borders early on, the pandemic would not have reached the proportions it has now. People need to 'grow up,' work together and realize that this is only for a time, not forever. We must make sacrifices this year so that we can be back with our friends next year. I know there is a "self-quarantining order" in place, but I honestly don't believe most visitors to Ireland will actually abide by it; they are often only in the country for a 2-week holiday. Ireland is combating the virus in excellent ways and has kept its numbers low. Why change things now, when some countries (the U.S.) still has so many active cases.  By the way, I live in Florida, one of the states with the highest number of cases . . . and the average age for infection is currently 40. This is because, as the governor opened bars and beaches, young people (21-45) gathered in high numbers, caught COVID-19, and spread it among themselves (other, more sensible people, stayed away from these places). I do not believe "young people" visiting Ireland from the U.S. have the slightest inclination to self-quarantine!"

"It is obvious! Your low numbers will skyrocket by the day. The American numbers are shocking! I live in South Africa."

"As an American from New York, I've witnessed total disregard for safe, social distancing. If it's done here, in what was once the epicenter of the Covid pandemic, they're bound to repeat this selfish behavior abroad."

"I live in the US and see, first hand, how awful we've handled this pandemic. Aside from a warranted distrust of our government's actions, I don't think you should trust the average traveler, either. There is a percentage of our population that refuses to follow the simplest CDC protocols on our own shores.  Vacationing Americans will not follow Ireland's rules. I'm ashamed and disappointed by these people and want to assure you that the majority of us are good, sensible people. Unfortunately, you can't know which type of person is getting on that plane. We're in a bad place, right now. Keep us out."

"I live in USA and the people here refuse to do their part in controlling Covid. These are going on vacations everywhere and exposing the travel industry workers needlessly! We canceled our trip to Ireland because of this!"

"As an Irish American, I love traveling to Ireland and do so frequently. Sadly, because of dreadful leadership, the US has been unable to get control of the virus. Ireland should not let us in."

"The Irish have worked hard and made sacrifices to control covid 19. Tourists will bring revenue to the country and how many lives will be lost in the interest of this revenue. I live in the USA and I'm not returning to see my family in Ireland due to the pandemic. Aer Lingus has been very accommodating with flight cancellations. I believe anyone traveling from the United States to Ireland now is very selfish and irresponsible. I don't think Ireland needs those types of tourists right now. I have seen the behavior in this country, just look at the amount of cases we have because of irresponsible people. Nobody goes to Ireland to quarantine for two weeks and scientifically it's been proven that being on a plane in a confined space will spread the virus. The government here has no problem with not allowing Irish in to this country, Americans can come when it's safe to do so."

"I don't necessarily think the border should be totally closed to travelers from Covid high-risk countries, but it should be closed to all non-essential travel from such counties and it should be mandatory that travelers from such countries self-quarantine for 14 days with a stiff fine for those who do not comply. Canada currently has its borders closed to all non-essential travel with mandatory self-quarantining and a $1200 fine for non-compliance and it is working in helping us get and keep our Covid numbers down. It's hard on the tourist industry, which depends on American tourists, but 81% of Canadians are firmly behind keeping the US-Canadian border closed. Surging Covid rates like those in the States would be harder on even the tourist industry than keeping the border closed."

Here's why some people said that No, Ireland should not close its borders to COVID high-risk nations:

"Many Irish immigrant families need to be able to travel from the US in case of family emergencies or a death in the family."

"Huge economic driver in Ireland. You should see if you can vigorously enforce testing protocol for those coming into the country. Don’t close Ireland to Irish-Americans because of our idiot President! Well at least check if they are registered Democrats before letting them in the country. Haha okay obviously kidding about the last part... but not the idiot President part."

"I personally have had Covid, have the antibodies and sadly can’t visit my mom in Ireland. There should be different allowances in place for Covid survivors with proof of antibodies."

"The country has to function, travel is necessary to support the economy."

"If someone has been tested 3 days prior to the flight and has taken precautions on the flight then he or she should be allowed into Ireland. On landing, another nasal swab can be taken and till result arrives must maintain quarantine but having a mandatory 14 day one is too much."

"Use common sense and not fear-mongering.  Not all parts of the US are seeing increases in COVID cases.  Massachusetts for example has done a fantastic job keeping its numbers low and deaths even lower  (mostly in nursing homes)."

"I need to travel to Ireland to settle my late husband's estate.  Two trips have already been canceled. I would wear a mask. Staying at our house in Ireland."

"The more we learn about the virus, the less we have to fear it. It isn't practical to have everybody live in fear indefinitely."

"Irish people need to be able to get home - and business people, etc who really need to go need to be able to - quarantine should be strict."

"Economy, International Relations, and Foreign Students."

And here's why some people said that they weren't sure whether or not Ireland should close its borders to COVID high-risk nations:

"As much as I'd like to visit Ireland, I'm also aware of the risks of letting in people who could be with low or no symptoms from such places as the USA. I'm in the USA but not so stupid as to not understand the facts. Shameful the way some people are 'representing' the rest of USA citizens."

"Irish people abroad want to visit family. If borders open, then implement strict 14-day quarantine/ restrictions. When people book trip also should declare where they will spend 14 days and follow up on this. Micheál Martin was in Brussels for four days? What are his plans for the next 14 days?"

"I am not sure because I feel if a traveler is required to be tested before getting on the plane and then tested once they arrive-and quarantined appropriately-then a traveler should be able to go into Ireland.  However, if these measures are not held accountable-then they are hollow. Personally, I was supposed to be there this summer-and my trip was canceled. I am trying for the fall and I am all for the quarantine and will respectfully follow any rules required of me."

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