There are currently 142 COVID-19 patients in critical care in hospitals across Ireland, according to a report released by the HSE. 

The data, correct as of 6:30 pm BST on Wednesday, found that there were a further 27 suspected cases of COVID-19 in Irish critical care units.

Beaumont Hospital in Dublin was caring for 137 COVID-19 patients on Wednesday, according to the data, more than any other hospital in Ireland.

The six hospitals with the most COVID-19 patients were all in Dublin. The Mater Hospital had the second-highest number of Coronavirus patients with 85, with St. James' Hospital caring for 81.

Tallaght Hospital and St. Vincent's Hospital, both on the south side of Dublin, had 75 and 66 patients respectively. Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown also had 57 patients. 

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The hospital outside of Dublin with the most Coronavirus patients was Letterkenny in Co Donegal with 37 patients. 

There was a total of 881 patients with the coronavirus in Irish hospitals on Wednesday morning a further 449 patients who were suspected cases. Those figures dropped to 846 and 355 respectively by Wednesday evening. 

Additionally, the HSE said that there were 127 vacant ICU beds in hospitals across the country at 6:30 pm on Wednesday and a total of 1,984 vacant general beds on Wednesday morning. 

The report found that Ireland's rise in COVID-19 cases has slowed since the beginning of April. Coronavirus cases in Ireland have risen by between 5.7% and 8.5% since April 4. They were consistently above 10% throughout March and early April. 

However, these figures do not include newly-confirmed cases that were diagnosed in Germany due to a backlog in Irish testing. The German cases are old cases from early April and late March. 

The report also included a map of Coronavirus cases in Ireland and a map of the greater Dublin area:

Coronavirus cases in Ireland. HSE

Coronavirus cases in Ireland. HSE

There have been 5,850 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Dublin, almost half of Ireland's 12,547 cases. The map of the greater Dublin area shows the worst-affected regions in Ireland's capital:

Greater Dublin area. HSE

Greater Dublin area. HSE

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