Have you ever wondered how to text in the Irish language?

Thankfully, back in 2012, Conradh na Gaelige, the democratic forum for the Irish-speaking community, unveiled Irish language versions of some of the most frequently used 'text speak.'

Speaking to Newstalk’s Breakfast show Aodhan O’Dea, of Conradh na Gaelige, gave a list of popular Irish translations of modern phrases. Here are just some of the phrases mentioned by O'Dea:

  • LMFAO (laughing my ass off)- ABMTAG (Ag briseadh mo thóin ag gáire)
  • LOL (laugh out loud)- GOA (gáire ós árd)
  • ROFL (rolling round the floor laughing) - RTUG Rolladh timpeall an urlair ag gáire
  • OMG (Oh my God) - OMD (Ó Mo Dhia)
  • YOLO  (You Only Live Once) – NASAA (Níl ach saol amháin agat)
  • Skank- Striapach/ Striap
  • Totes (Totally) - Cinnte Winnte
  • Whatevs (Whatever) -   Cadever
  • Soz  (Sorry)-   Brónsies
  • Tnks (Thanks)  - Grma- Go raibh maith agat
  • Tn (Tonight)  - An8- Anocht
  • Wer r u? (Where are you?) - Cá wil 2?- Cá bhfuil tú?

The news came after Google launched their Endangered Languages Project which aims to preserve and revive some 3,000 languages that are dying out around the world, including Irish (Gaelige).

In 2017, Irish language speaker Ciara Ní É shared this handy YouTube video about Irish language text abbreviations:

*Originally published in 2012, updated in August 2020

Do you like to text as Gaelige? Let us know in the comments!

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