On Monday August 31, the State Department posted a further 4,368 documents, totaling 7,121 pages, in the latest disclosure of emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton through her privately-maintained email server during her time as Secretary of State, including 125 censored emails whose content had recently been deemed classified.

Yesterday, IrishCentral reported on emails sent between Clinton and long-time advisor Sidney Blumenthal in which she asks if she had been praised by then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for her involvement in securing the return to devolved government in Northern Ireland in February 2010.

Many believe that Clinton played a major part in Northern Irish peace talks, in particular, for the role she played in encouraging women in Northern Ireland to speak out for peace.

But that wasn’t the only time that Clinton understood the important part that women have to play in politics, however, as further emails reveal she held a particular group of women in high regard for their support for the House’s passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act in March 2010: Roman Catholic nuns.

In an email exchange between herself and Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Clinton praises the work of Roman Catholic nuns in ensuring that the Act would be pushed over the finish line.

"Whew once again u are in the thick of thing--- but didn't it make your heart feel good about the passage of. Health.Care----and. The. Nuns pushed it over the finish line----as usual in the fcore front of. Social. Justice and a daring willingness. To break with the. Boys if you need a tonic,” writes Senator Mikulski.

She follows this up with a recommendation for a trip to an exhibit of the role of nuns in the shaping the US: “Go to the. Nuns exhibit @ the. Smithsonian--- Ripley.Center. Gives the 250 year history of. Nuns in. Usa. And their role in shaping. Our country and producing 1000s of women leaders with names like. Pelosi. Mikulski. Ferrar.”

Clinton agrees, exclaiming in her reply, "Let's hear it for the nuns — I knew when they came out, the die was cast and Bart would get his knuckles rapped,” referring to Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak who was to oppose the bill if it did not prohibit the federal funding of abortion.

"Now, let's wrap this up in the Senate and go drink something unhealthy!" she concludes.

The theme of commending and building up the power of women is a common one among the latest batch of emails.

Right after Clinton asks a member of her staff to locate a Human Rights Watch report entitled, “We Have the Promises of the World: Women’s Rights in Afghanistan”, she asks for the times of TV shows, "Parks and Recreation" and "The Good Wife," two quite different shows but both revolving around a woman’s political career in one way or another. (Although, it’s unsure whether Google was simply down at the time so Hillary couldn’t search for the times herself.)

Other interesting insights into Clinton’s life include how she takes her tea (with milk), how she was definitely the kid who would still turn up to school on a snow day (she’s annoyed when government shuts down due to snow), that she has hundreds of technology questions just like your parents (one email asks a member of staff to teach her how to use her new iPad) and her daughter doesn’t simply answer her emails with “Ok, thanks” like some of us (Chelsea Clinton, in fact, sends an impressive and extensive memo on her time in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake disaster).

 H/T: Politico