One North Dublin seaside town has been facing an onslaught of pesky seagulls that are wreaking havoc on residents amid this unusually hot weather.

The Independent reported that pest control experts are saying that complaints regarding these seagulls have increased by 41 percent as a result of the heatwave. They are becoming a “major issue” in the Howth area according to Independent councilor Jimmy Guerin.

He believes that the winged pests are becoming problematic because people keep feeding them on the streets.

The Dublin seagulls on the rampage again. Apparently they are mating, hence the noise. They sure like the world to know they are riding

— Niall Breslin (@nbrez) July 12, 2017

“It’s a huge issue at the moment. It’s genuinely come to the stage where it’s dangerous for families to walk along the pier as well,” Guerin said when speaking with The Independent.

“I’ve had a lot of people come to me about it over the last few weeks. They’re coming down and taking food out of people’s hands.”

These seagulls are said to be aggressive, hence he stated that the problem needs to be addressed before someone, possibly a child, gets hurt.

“I think we need similar legislation like in certain counties in the UK where people are fined for feeding them.”

According to one local resident, Deirdre Durkan, the seagulls are becoming increasingly threatening each year, often coming back and having two or three babies.

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"It’s like something from the movie The Birds."

— (@JOEdotie) July 6, 2018

“Once the chicks are born the parents become more protective and you see them swooping down on the children on the road.

“They’re attacking each other and quite often you’ll see them bleeding on the road. It’s even stopping traffic.”

Cars are littered with bird droppings, windows have been dinged up, and clotheslines have been obliterated by the flying menaces, as some residents noted.

“We were about to tuck in when out of nowhere a seagull walloped her in the face with its wing and stole my fish right of the box,” resident Lara Sheehan said regarding an incident with a seagull when she was with her daughter.

Sheehan and her daughter were both surrounded by 10 seagulls, forcing them to give up their chips out of self-defense. No one should ever have to give up their chips; what monsters they are!

To quote Father Jack: "Feckin' birds!"

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