It’s very rare that Ireland experiences more than one day of summer at a time, so last week’s spell of hot weather had the country struggling to cope with the unexpected heat.

While everyone ran out to buy barbecue supplies and ice cream to celebrate the burst of good weather that always tends to hit just at the nationwide school-exams are starting, animals across the country also had to look for new ways to cool off.

In Sligo, Gardaí were called out to look after the welfare of an adorable family of swans and cygnets who were on the search for some cool water to ease the summer heat. With temperatures soaring to the late 70s, the family took to a busy road to look for a pond while motorists were met with a bit of a traffic jam as the police made sure everyone stayed clear.

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Sligo locals say that the swans make this trip annually, whenever the good weather comes along and couldn’t care less that they are walking the wrong way down a main road. Let’s hope they found some water and were able to enjoy the rest of the sun!