Meath Catholic priest worries that Halloween is being “hijacked by a dark source that wants to be honored” and Irish parents should beware of Lucifer and Reiki.

A Catholic priest, who lives in Duleek, County Meath, believes that the consecrated host, Holy Communion, is being stolen from Churches around Ireland by Satanists for use in their rituals.

Father David Jones (64), a native of Wales, told that he believes Halloween has been “hijacked by a dark source that wants to be honored”.

Jones who has been living in Ireland for over a decade also believes that Communion bread is being stolen from churches and stolen on the black market. He also said the prices have fallen recently due to the flooded market.

Irish police say they have received no reports of any Communion being stolen.

Is Holy Communion being stolen from Catholic Churches by Satanists?

Is Holy Communion being stolen from Catholic Churches by Satanists?

Satanic acts at Newgrange

Jones also believes the popular tourist attractions and prehistoric sites, like Newgrange and the Hill of Tara, are being used by worshippers of Satan.

"We know it is happening. I went to one local site in recent years and saw Satanic symbols newly chiseled out on the walls.

"We also know that consecrated hosts go missing from churches every month to be sold on the black market and desecrated in satanic rituals.

The ancient mystical site of the Hill of Tara.

The ancient mystical site of the Hill of Tara.

"It's very easy to get sacred hosts in Ireland. We know from CCTV that people go to churches when no-one is there, and many priests and sacristans are careless about leaving the key to the tabernacle around or in a places that is easily guessed.

"Also, now that hosts are given into the hands of those coming to Communion, it's very easy to palm the Sacred Host and sell it later. They are disappearing all the time.

"I have had personal confirmation on this a number of times from Priests, Bishops and Archbishops"

Evils of Halloween and children

He went on to urge parents to educate themselves about the darker side of the October 31 celebrations which famously have ancient Celtic origins.

"Children have fun and I don't want to take away from that. It's better that children don't realize that there is a sinister side to Halloween, but parents should be aware and make sure kids don't think that evil and ugly is good," Jones said.

"There is some strange dark element at work here that plays down other Christian feasts and ups this one. We don't say Happy Christmas anymore, it's Happy Holidays and yet all of a sudden, we celebrate all that is macabre and evil with Hallowe'en.

“It's been hijacked by Lucifer and it's a bizarre situation because there is a massive erosion of Christianity globally.”

The Catholic priest added "Satan gives immediate benefit and answers fast but at a price. The success of some pop stars and celebrities is subscribable to this pact with him."

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Harmful practice of Reiki

The priest also warned against the use of Reiki, the Japanese holistic healing therapy best known as laying on of hands. Jones said “The people who engage in Reiki do so out of goodwill, but the means is not safe. You are opening the channels to all who are out there and it's us, the Priests who have to pick up the pieces and Reiki is one of the worst ones to pick up the pieces from.”

Jones also said he is being inundated with requests to exorcize houses and rid them of ghosts.

Increase in call for exorcisms in Ireland

"I should really list myself as Jones & Company Ghostbusters in the Yellow Pages," he laughs.

"Sometimes souls are stuck somewhere and usually a Mass helps to move them on, but I know one house where there is such a malignant presence that no-one can live there.

"I was also recently stopped by a garage owner and you could see by the CCTV footage of things moving around that there was a presence there, which we have helped to calm so far."

Jones isn’t on his own. Just earlier this month Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan announced that he had “several requests” to rid people of evil forces added that he would like to set up a “delivery ministry” in Ireland, which will offer prayers of exorcism in order to rid people of evil spirits.

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan of the Waterford and Lismore diocese says he has received “several requests” from people “who are getting in touch with what they believe to be evil forces.”

Speaking to Waterford’s ‘Deise Today’ radio program he added that exorcism should “never be done on one’s own”, and that there always has to be prayer behind it.

“Does Satan want to destroy the human person?,” Bishop Cullinan said on the radio program, “Of course he does. Not only the church but anywhere and everywhere he will get in, he has come to destroy.”

"This is something that has to be done in secret because you don't let these people's names out, and they are going to houses where people maybe have been involved in some kind of new-age thing or some kind of séance or that kind of thing, and unfortunately, they've opened up a door to an evil force, Satan.”

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