Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan has received “several requests” to rid people of evil forces

A Catholic bishop in Ireland wants to set up a “delivery ministry” which will offer prayers of exorcism in order to rid people of evil spirits.

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan of the Waterford and Lismore diocese says he has received “several requests” from people “who are getting in touch with what they believe to be evil forces.”

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“I am just setting up a group, actually, of people who want to be part of a delivery ministry, if you like,” said Bishop Cullinan during an interview on Waterford’s ‘Deise Today’ radio program.

The Bishop explained that he and the delivery ministry group will pray and recite, with the permission of the Bishop, the prayers of exorcism. He added that one Waterford priest will be sent for training in exorcism.

Exorcism should “never be done on one’s own”, and that there always has to be prayer behind it, said the Bishop.

“Does Satan want to destroy the human person?,” Bishop Cullinan said on the radio program, “Of course he does. Not only the church but anywhere and everywhere he will get in, he has come to destroy.”

"This is something that has to be done in secret because you don't let these people's names out, and they are going to houses where people maybe have been involved in some kind of new-age thing or some kind of séance or that kind of thing, and unfortunately, they've opened up a door to an evil force, Satan.”

The Irish bishop said how he knew of a reiki master who was "working on somebody one day when he actually says he saw a vision of Satan.”

Reiki is a “new-age” healing technique in which a therapist can cure a patient by touch in order to activate the patient’s natural healing processes.

The reiki master was "scared out of his wits, dropped the reiki and went back to the Church,” said the Bishop.

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"You're channeling energies, in inverted commas,” said the Bishop, “you could well be opening yourself up to letting a spirit in which is not good and is dangerous stuff, actually."

The Irish bishop detailed another experience: “I remember one particular priest who was involved in the case of a young girl who came with her mother.”

“There were four men to hold her down in the chair and the priest had warned the four guys beforehand to just make sure they had gone to confession.”

“One guy didn’t go to confession and the girl with the voice that was not hers, a male voice that was coming out of her actually called out the sins of the guy who had not been to confession, so that’s kind of scary stuff.”

“I would hope that people will not get scared and I’m sorry if I am scaring anybody.”

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