Galway city has been named one of the top 10 cities in Europe for raising children.

E-learning platform Preply has conducted a study analyzing over 130 European cities across three categories (‘Education’, ‘Health & Safety’ and ‘Leisure & Lifestyle’) to reveal the best European cities to raise a family.

The study scored each city on a number of factors, including teacher-to-student ratios, educational attractions and recreational spaces (per capita), healthcare accessibility, length of maternity leave, air quality, cost of living, and more.

Galway ranked as Europe’s sixth-best city for raising children. The city's high score is largely due to its ‘Leisure & Lifestyle’ prospects --- Galway offers a good ratio of green spaces/parks and an even more impressive choice of sports centers per capita. It also ranked as Europe’s seventh-best city for air quality. 

Cork city placed among the overall top 25 in the study, while Limerick placed among Europe's top 30. Dublin ranked 66th in the report.

The capital of Portuguese island Madeira, Funchal, ranked number one as the best city in Europe for raising a family and scored well across all three categories: Funchal has low air pollution levels, a cheaper cost of living, and the lowest crime rate of all the cities. Portugal’s student-to-teacher ratio also falls just shy of the top ten in Europe, ranking 11th. 

The northern Italian city of Trieste ranked as Europe's second-best location to raise a family, while Lisbon, Portugal, ranked third.

London, England, ranked as the worst city in Europe for raising children.

Europe's top 10 best cities for raising a family:

1. Funchal, Portugal

2. Trieste, Italy

3. Lisbon, Portugal

4. Reykjavik, Iceland

5. Prague, Czech Republic

6. Galway, Ireland

7. Arhus, Denmark

8. Helsinki, Finland

9. Edinburgh, UK

10. Graz, Austria 

To read the complete study, visit Preply's website.