A Boston councilor launched a verbal attack on his counterpart from Northern Ireland, accusing her of an "all-out assault" on Catholics during a heated debate at a Boston City Council meeting. 

Councilor Frank Baker, who represents most of Dorchester and a portion of South Boston, launched the verbal attack on fellow Councilor Liz Breadon, who emigrated from Northern Ireland in 1995. 

During a heated discussion about redrawing voter districts for the next decade, Baker said he had received a call from a Catholic priest who was concerned about the redistricting process. He said the priest was concerned because a "Protestant from Northern Ireland" was leading the redistricting process. 

"They’re viewing this exercise as an all-out assault on Catholic life in Boston. And it’s not lost on them that the person leading the charge is a Protestant from (Northern Ireland)," Baker said during the council meeting, aiming the attack at Breadon and drawing audible gasps from his fellow councilors. 

Breadon described Baker's comments as a "personal attack", stating that she has committed her adult life to fixing the "wrongs in the world". 

"The greatest travesty in Northern Ireland’s history was the systematic disenfranchisement of Catholic people in Northern Ireland. I have committed my adult life to try and fix the wrongs in the world," Breadon said. 

"This is my home, and it is an insult to me to have a colleague in this city council insinuate that I am discriminating against Catholics. 

"It is an absolute disgrace. I am just trying to do my job. We are trying to do the best for all of Boston and I take it as a personal attack that anyone would doubt my sincerity and commitment to this process." 

H/T: Boston25news.