The former boyfriend who once filed a restraining order against Quincy nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady has claimed she is innocent of all charges.

The 34-year-old McCarthy Brady has been charged in relation to the death of baby Rehma Sabir.

David Furey has confirmed reports that he took out a restraining order against the Cavan native in 2005.

But he has also defended the nanny accused of battering the one-year-old prior to her death in a Boston hospital.

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Furey told the Boston Herald that the jailed Irish nanny loves kids and that he believes she’s ‘innocent’.

He said: “She always took care of kids. She was always good with kids. I was very shocked to hear that on the news today.

Irish nanny pleads not guilty in death of Boston baby, remanded on $500,000 bail

“I do believe that she’s innocent but will have a tough time proving it because of her bit of history.”

Dorehester resident Furey plays a part in that history as he filed against Brady in 2005.

He told the paper that they had dated for a couple years and he sought a restraining order.

He added: “When we broke up and I wanted to go out with a new girl, she didn’t like that.”

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In court papers relating to the end of the relationship, Furey claimed Brady attacked him in a bar-room, threw a beer bottle at one of his female friends and threatened to make his life a ‘living hell.’

He wrote: “Since then, every female I talk to, gay or straight, gets abuse from Aisling.”

Furey revealed he last saw McCarthy Brady a few years ago at a Mass for her late father at St. Brendan’s Parish in Dorchester.

The Boston Herald claims that Brady is an Irish illegal alien who married a painter born in Cork at the Dorchester church last September.

Furey said: “I heard she got married and was doing good.”

Brady has worked as a nanny for 13 years and is charged with assaulting one-year-old Cambridge girl, Rehma Sabir, who died two days later.

Former boyfriend Furey said the Quincy nanny was good with kids and wanted children of her own.

Furey added: “I’ve often seen her with kids and the kids she minded. She was always great.

“She always played with them, danced along with them - she was a bit of a bigger kid herself. She just didn’t grow up.

“Her bosses always loved her. She worked every day. She loved kids.”

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McCarthy Brady is also a former volunteer at the food pantry at Interfaith Social Services in Quincy.

She comes from the town of Lavey in Cavan and attended the local Catholic girls’ school. She studied travel and tourism at a nearby college.

Rehma Sabir was the daughter of Sameer Sabir, 34, a London-born entrepreneur who co-founded a company to make skin grafts less painful.

Reports say her mother, Nada Siddiqui, 29, is a Princeton-educated financial analyst who’d most recently worked for industry giant Wellington Management