An armed man who holed himself up in Connolly’s Irish pub in Longwood, Florida, has just been arrested for the incident on Monday.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, the man, 49-year-old Leonard Robert Nolan, who is the owner of the pub,  barricaded himself and is said to have become aggressive with others while holding a firearm. The police circled the pub and shut down all traffic in the area apart from law enforcement.

Longwood pub owner arrested after barricading himself in his Irish pub. #fox35

— Ryan Elijah (@ryanelijah) July 10, 2018

The Seminole County SWAT team was also called in for assistance in the standoff by surrounding the building as Nolan became more agitated. He pointed his handgun out the window towards police a number of times.

Because of his aggressive demeanor, a member of the SWAT decided to shoot at Nolan, for which he was immediately taken into custody and is now on administrative leave for the incident. The officer has charges pending.

One woman who works nearby the pub, Cheryl Bryant, spoke with Fox: “we heard probably about 6 shots and then we saw the battering ram.”

A resident of Longwood, Cynthia Sefrie, said that “they took someone out on the stretcher, but we didn’t see. The person was alive because it was popped up and stuff.

“I love Lenny, Lenny’s my neighbor, he’s a good friend,” she said while highlighting that the owner is generally a very nice person.

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