A man who attempted to rob the patrons of a Dublin pub got more than he bargained for when his attempted robbery was stopped by three patrons.

Just before midnight on New Year’s Day a man barged into the Speaker Connolly pub with an imitation gun and shouted “IRA, this is a robbery, get the f**k down.”

He then followed an assistant manager into the back of the pub – only to be confronted by three patrons who weren’t going to take his order lying down.

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He was tacked to the ground by the men – one of whom was an off-duty detective. Gardaí (Irish police) arrived within six minutes and he was taken to nearby Tallaght Garda Station for questioning.

The owner and assistant manager of the Speaker Connolly pub in Firhouse thank the three customers who challenged an armed robber last night. More on the 1 o clock @rtenews pic.twitter.com/89G3VjKGd3

— Samantha Libreri (@SamanthaLibreri) January 2, 2018

"We couldn't have been more thankful for them,” pub manager Jason Doyle told RTÉ.

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"Obviously we didn't know at the time that the gun was imitation. We thought we were in serious trouble.

"But they showed no fear. And we've told them already that they'll be looked after." It just seemed to be the wrong night for your man.

“The guy was all apologetic afterwards, and said he had hit bad times. It's hard to believe,” he added.

H/T: Irish Independent