A young Kildare man who was arrested for stealing a cannoli pastry from a Boston Bakery has been sentenced to 50 hours community service.

Robert McTernan (25), of Newbridge, Co Kildare, committed the crime just hours into his two week vacation to Boston last week.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office in Massachusetts, Boston police responded to a call at 3.38am on September 13 regarding a person with a knife at Bova’s Bakery, Salem Street.

McTernan allegedly entered the kitchen and picked up a blue-handled kitchen knife, concealing it by placing it against his forearm.

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Prosecutors say the young Irishman then demanded a cannoli from an employee. The worker at Bova’s Bakery then handed the pastry to McTernan, who then allegedly told the victim to “shush” and placed his finger to his lips.

Police later arrested the Irishman, but were unable to locate the knife during a search of the area.

McTernan appeared in court last week where Judge Mark Hart Summerville set bail at $2,000 and ordered McTernan to surrender his passport and stay away from Bova’s Bakery.

According to Journal.ie, the Kildare man appeared in court again on Monday, where his charges were revised.

Suffolk County District Attorney’s press secretary Jake Wark told Journal.ie that the suspect was initially charged with armed robbery but he admitted to “facts sufficient for a finding of guilty on the lesser charge of larceny.”

“The decision that we made was that it was better to resolve [the case] when in the country than continue it for several months after he left.”

The judge ordered that he perform 50 hours of community service and undergo substance abuse evaluation and treatment. He was also ordered to stay away from Bova’s Bakery.