Ireland moves into Phase 2 of its roadmap to easing COVID-19 restrictions today and there are some significant changes to the country's regulations. 

The Irish Government has accelerated some aspects of the roadmap due to the low number of new infections in Ireland and Irish people will be able to enjoy freedom they haven't experienced since March.

With that in mind, we put together a list of the five main things Irish people can enjoy from today, Monday, June 8. 

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Travel anywhere within their own county

Initially slated to be anywhere within 20 kilometers, the travel rule was modified to accommodate people living in isolated areas of Ireland's countryside. Anyone wishing to visit another county must abide by the 20-kilometer rule, however. 

This marks a significant change with previous restrictions confining Irish people to within two kilometers and five kilometers of their own home at different stages of the lockdown. 

Visit a friend or family member's house 

For the first time since March 26, Irish people can legally enter a home that isn't theirs. Up to six people can now gather - indoors or outdoors - which represents a substantial improvement from previous rules which allowed gatherings of up to four people outdoors. 

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Shop in most retail stores 

Shops with a street-level entrance are permitted to open from Monday, meaning a number of clothes shops and department stores throughout the city center can open their doors today. 

Some shops, like Penney's, will be opening later in the week as they take time to implement social distancing measures and safety precautions, but all shops should be open by the end of the week. 

Shopping centers can also open from next Monday, almost two months earlier than initially set out in the roadmap. 

Play sports in larger groups

Up to 15 people are allowed to gather for outdoor sporting activities from today, compared to just four people under previous restrictions. 

While tennis and golf were virtually the only sports permitted previously, small games of rugby, soccer, and GAA are now possible under current regulations. 

Playgrounds will also open from today, while elite level athletes will be permitted to return to training. 

Visit cocooners in their home 

Arguably the most significant adjustment, Irish people will be able to visit vulnerable parents and grandparents in their own home for the first time in almost three months. 

Anyone visiting cocooning citizens should adhere to strict social distancing guidelines.

Limited visiting hours at nursing homes will also be reinstated from June 15 under certain circumstances as part of the second phase.

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