Kardashian biographer Jerry Oppenheimer claims Ethel Kennedy mistreated the immigrant staff in Hickory Hill.

A New York Times best-selling biographer is making wild claims that Robert F. Kennedy’s widow Ethel Kennedy is guilty of mistreating immigrant staff in her home at Hickory Hill, the Kennedys' estate in McLean, Virginia. Jerry Oppenheimer, whose most recent book was “The Kardashians: An American Drama," make the accusations in latest biography, “The Other Mrs. Kennedy: Ethel Skakel Kennedy, an American Drama of Power, Privilege, and Politics.”

These claims are made despite Kennedy’s work in human rights and civil rights, her establishment of the RFK Human Rights Foundation, and her recent moves to stand, as a 90-year-old, against President Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policies. Kennedy is joining with her daughter Kerry Kennedy, now President of RFK Human Rights, and her grandson Congressman Joe Kennedy III in fasting for 24 hours to raise money and support for immigrant families separated at the US-Mexico border.

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The Kennedys take aim at President Trump in 'I really do care' jackets https://t.co/iySNEf7FxC via @MailOnline

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She also sported a green jacket with the words “I really do care” alongside other members of the Kennedy family when they took part in the Hyannis Port July 4th celebration, standing in contrast to a questionable wardrobe choice made by First Lady Melania Trump when she went to visit families at the border.

Oppenheimer claims, however, that “insiders” have told him of the manner in which Ethel Kennedy treated her staff of different nationalities and ethnicities, a problem he claims was all the worse after Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1968, which the left the young mother and wife raising eleven children without a father.

“She earned a reputation for slapping and berating immigrant household workers, cheating them out of money, and screaming at them like a 'mad woman,' causing them to flee in tears, or be fired,” Oppenheimer writes for the Daily Mail.

Ethel Kennedy treated her immigrant servants 'like dogs' sources say https://t.co/63NFFHjf1H

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He continues to make claims that he spoke with Ethel Kennedy’s one-time secretary Noelle, who he says told him, "I really don't think Ethel liked Hispanics or blacks" and that she "couldn't stand it if [the immigrant help] didn't speak English well, or understand it. Ethel would say something once, and if they didn't understand it she would be furious, scream at them and threaten to fire them, or worse."

Ethel Kennedy and her husband Bobby were well-known for their work as civil rights and human rights advocates and Ethel has also established herself as a long-time immigration activist.

Her daughter Kerry described the 90-year-old as “very joyful” to be taking part in the fast #BreakBreadNotFamilies, while Ethel herself issued a strong statement calling on people to take part.

Statement from @RFKHumanRights founder and long-time immigration activist Ethel Kennedy on President @RealDonaldTrump's insufficient response to our immigration crisis. pic.twitter.com/ppVRpLxT0J

— RFK Human Rights (@RFKHumanRights) June 21, 2018

While Trump signed an Executive Order ordering that children not be separated from their families after feeling the heat from both sides of the aisle, Ethel Kennedy believed that it wasn’t enough to protect families attempting to cross the border.

Stating that it was “not a time to declare victory and go home,” after the order was signed, she continued in a statement to say: “Generations of Americans did not toil and sacrifice to build a country where children and their parents are placed in cages to advance a cynical political agenda.”