Passengers with young children were appalled at the behavior of a bachelor party flying from Belfast to Ibiza, who forced their plane to divert to France.

A passenger who forced a plane traveling from Belfast to Ibiza to make an emergency landing in France because he was drunk and wouldn’t stop playing with a sex doll has been banned from the airline Jet2 for life.

The passenger, who was believed to have been a member of a “rowdy” bachelor party, is said to have become “verbally abusive” when flight staff refused him alcohol on the flight. Their behavior eventually forced the pilot to make the decision to divert the plan to Toulouse, France, and remove them from the flight before carrying on to their destination on the Spanish island, Ibiza.

"The captain introduced himself and gave a really stern warning and reiterated that only alcohol bought on board could be consumed on flight and duty free can't be consumed,” a passenger who was traveling with her partner and four-month-old baby, told the BBC, adding that the group were among the last to board the plane.

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Passenger banned from Jet2 for life after bringing blow up doll on flight to Ibiza

— George Robert 🇺🇸 (@GeorgeT11622579) June 12, 2018

The diversion doubled the trip time from Belfast to Ibiza for the other passengers, causing some distress to the babies and children who were traveling.

"Passengers couldn't get off the plane and it was roasting," continued the passenger.

"All the babies and kids on the plane were so unsettled. Six hours in total when it should have been a three-hour flight."

While the initial BBC report simply referenced "the deplorable behavior of a particularly disruptive customer," another passenger on the flight has since tweeted about the incident, claiming that the passenger was playing with a sex doll even when waiting for the flight.

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@belfastairport Nice one guys! Together with a blow up doll at 7am in front of my kids & long queues. Way to go!!

Disruptive passengers cause Belfast Ibiza flight diversion -

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"It's very clear that consuming alcohol illicitly contributed to this behavior," said a spokesperson for Jet2 airline.

"In consultation with the captain we had to take the unusual decision to divert the aircraft as the situation on board escalated and he was taken off the aircraft with the assistance of the police in Toulouse."

“We will not under any circumstances tolerate this type of disgraceful behavior on board our aircraft," Phil Ward, managing director of Jet2 also said in a statement.

"We will be taking further action in support of our crew to ensure [the passenger] is held accountable for his actions and indeed [he] has already received a lifetime ban from future Jet2 flights."