The cyclist versus motorist debate comes to a head as this shocking accident sparks arguments online over who is to blame.

A heated debate has arisen online over the video of a horrific collision between a cyclist and a car pulling into a Garda (police) station in Dublin.

In the short clip caught on a dashcam, a car can be seen indicating to turn left into the station but as he pulls through the gate, crossing over a bike lane as it does so, a cyclist rams into the passenger side door and is dramatically thrown from their bike. The cyclist does not appear to be wearing a helmet as they are flung from their bike and up onto the bonnet of the car before crashing to the ground.

The car is reported as being driven by a uniformed officer but a spokesperson confirmed that the vehicle was not an unmarked Garda car. Joey Boyland, who captured the incident from his dashcam, stated that the Garda called an ambulance for the cyclist after the accident.

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“I spoke to the cyclist after when he was leaving in the ambulance and he seemed a little hurt. It's also a Garda driving the Toyota,” Boyland told the Daily Mail.

“My take on the accident is that a vehicle wishing to cross a traffic lane must give way to all traffic in that lane.

“So if a vehicle wishes to cross a cycle lane, they must yield to all bicycles in that lane and wait for the lane to be clear before crossing.”

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Apparently, the "Internet is split at who's at fault" in this video, where an off-duty cop hits a cyclist in Dublin. Which is weird, because I just see a negligent driver—a cop!—pulling right in front of a vulnerable user who has the right of way.

— Peter Flax (@Pflax1) February 20, 2018

Others online have disagreed, however, placing the blame solely on the cyclist for not slowing down.

“You should rename the video 'Cyclist doesn't notice indicating car and gets hit,'” said one.

2, The #cyclist should have approached the car with caution and is contributory negligent. #RoadSafety

— Nick Freeman (@TheMrLoophole) February 20, 2018

“I would like some money, so can the people saying it's the car's fault let me know your rough location? I'm going to blindly fly up the side of you and make a claim,” added another.

Not sure motorist is to blame as he’s clearly moved into complete a manoeuvre well in advance with his indicator clearly signalling and I would anticipate that the driver would move across, but the cyclist travels way too quick!

— Gareth Earnshaw (@GarethEarnshaw1) February 19, 2018

Who do you think is at fault?