Dublin Airport's sensory room comes in addition to its 'Important Flyer' program offered to travelers with special needs.

Dublin Airport has opened a sensory room designed for travelers who have autism, dementia, cognitive impairment, or other special needs.

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The sensory room, which aims to help calm passengers who might feel overwhelmed in busy and unfamiliar airport surroundings, is located after security screening and just before the 400 gates and is accessible from both of the airport’s terminals.

The room can be transformed from a calm and relaxing environment to a stimulating interactive space in order to suit each traveler’s needs.

The state-of-the-art facility was created with help from Adam Sensory Zones, a Dublin-based company that specializes in the design and installation of multi-sensory and soft playrooms. The sensory room at Dublin Airport includes relaxing music, mood lighting, bean bags, comfortable seating, digital display panels, tactile panels, textured flooring and a game to improve memory and motor skills

New Sensory Room At Dublin Airport

We've a new sensory room at Dublin Airport complete with comfortable seating, mood lighting and bubbles. If you're travelling with an Important Flyer, be sure to book in advance. For more information see http://ow.ly/cp6Q50xjFj8

Publiée par Dublin Airport sur Lundi 25 novembre 2019

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Liz Kavanagh, Dublin Airport Customer Experience Manager, said: “We are confident that the introduction of the sensory room will make it even easier and less stressful for passengers in need of some assistance on their journey through the airport.

“We are committed to providing the best possible experience for passengers with autism and our new sensory room was designed to provide a calm space for passengers who might feel overwhelmed in busy and unfamiliar airport surroundings.”

While the room and its 60-minute sessions are free to use for departing passengers, bookings must be done in advance by either calling 01-7047783 or emailing prm@ocsireland.com. 

In addition to the sensory room, Dublin Airport offers an ‘Important Flyer’ program where people with special needs can receive a lanyard or wristband to serve as indicator to airport staff that special assistance may be required. Passengers can opt into the program after presenting a note from their doctor.

In 2017, Shannon Airport in Ireland became the first airport in Europe to introduce a sensory room for travelers.