TMZ released the video allegedly featuring Conor McGregor as he appears to hit a bar patron in a Dublin pub

Conor McGregor was captured on security camera as he appeared to hit an older man in a Dublin pub, apparently because the man denied McGregor’s offer of a glass of his Proper Twelve Irish whiskey.

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TMZ, who obtained the footage, said on Thursday that Irish police said they are investigating the matter but that no arrests have been made.

The security video shows UFC star McGregor, himself a native of Dublin, walking into the Irish pub and shaking hands with some men who were sitting at the bar.

The video then cuts to McGregor holding a bottle of his Irish whiskey Proper Twelve and doling out whiskey glasses to the bar patrons.

One man can be seen taking the glass that McGregor placed in front of him and moving it out of his way, apparently denying McGregor’s offer.

McGregor quickly leans back in front of the man and places another glass in front of him, but the man again moves the glass away.

A man, assumed to be part of McGregor’s security team, steps in to diffuse the situation as the bar patron motions to brush off McGregor. McGregor then proceeds to pour his whiskey for the other patrons.

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Three minutes later, McGregor can be seen what appears to be talking to members of the crowd and pumping his fist, perhaps offering a toast, before shockingly leaning in to hit the man who earlier denied his offer of a glass a whiskey.

As the other stunned patrons looked on, McGregor’s security detail whisked him out of the pub.

Thankfully the man, who barely moved from his barstool in the wake of the punch,  did not appear to incur any serious injuries.

If the time and date on the video are correct, the incident occurred on April 6 of this year, at about 2:30 in the afternoon.

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You can watch the video, obtained by TMZ, here: