IrishCentral is delighted to partner with the Quarantine Quiz, a virtual pub quiz to help raise funds to fight against Coronavirus.

Three friends, one based in Dublin, had a brilliant idea to bring the world together as most people remain homebound during the coronavirus pandemic.

Can't go out to the pub? Bring the pub quiz to your house! 

This Saturday, March 28th at 8 pm GMT / 4 pm EST, the Quarantine Quiz is going to rock the world for the second week in a row and IrishCentral is delighted to feature the event as part of the IrishCentral Happy Hour series.

How do you play? You can watch the live stream in the link below or get involved by visiting by following the instructions here -

Or watch live right here on YouTube. 

Last week over 600 people played and 1,000 watched the live feed on YouTube. This week the same thing will happen, the quiz will be streamed on YouTube and those playing should have a second device to answer questions with (they use AhaSlides). You can find out more and how to play here.

The idea came about when three pals, two from Bergamo, Northern Italy (one of whom lives in Dublin) and one for Tilburg, in the Netherlands realized that social distancing could last some time. Alessandro Mazzoleni, Giordano Moro, and Ennie Wolters decided they were going to make the best of it. 

Moro told IrishCentral "Since we miss going to bars on the weekend and we enjoy a nice quiz, we decided to host an online pub quiz for our friends."

And it went viral, so much so that this week's tagline is "The first viral pub quiz in town... not contagious!"

Within three days last week, they had 1,400 people respond to their Facebook event page. 

"We decided to use our quiz to raise awareness about Corona and to motivate people to stay inside. We also encouraged our participants to donate to the World Health Organization to fight corona during our event", Moro explained. 

Hey! We're all at home right! We might as well be having fun for the greater good.! Enjoy! 

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