A poignant photograph of an Irish grandfather seeing his newborn grandson through a window during the Covid-19 lockdown has been included in a Netflix documentary about the pandemic. 

The photograph of Michael Gallagher, from Drumconrath in County Meath,  visiting his newborn grandson Faolán went viral in Ireland during the pandemic and has now been included in Netflix's "The Light We Carry" documentary. 

The documentary, which has been viewed more than 190 million times, features former First Lady Michelle Obama reflecting on the pandemic with TV host Oprah Winfrey. 

The photograph of Gallagher was included in the documentary after Netflix officials saw it on the Dr. Phil show, he told the Irish Mirror. 

"It is not the first taste of stardom Faolán and I have had through that snap, it was on the Dr. Phil show in the States, where Netflix apparently spotted it, and Dove, the soap people also used it in an advertisement over there," Gallagher told the Irish Mirror. 

Gallagher said the photograph was taken in 2020 when the closest he could go to his grandson was to "look in the window and see him". 

"His parents were told they had to boil wash every stitch of clothes they wore in the hospital and that they had to isolate, the public health nurse was the only other person allowed in the house," he told the Mirror. 

"They were very strange times and when I eventually got to hold him it was quite emotional." 

Gallagher said his grandson is now three years old, adding that he has started playschool. He said Faolán was "delighted" to see his picture in the new Netflix series.