A leader in the Irish D.C. community, Troy had acted as parade Grand Marshal just last Sunday. 

Pat Troy, a leading Irishman in the Virginia and Washington scene, has passed away at 76. He had been Grand Marshal of the Alexandria St Patrick’s Day parade just last Sunday.

Troy is especially remembered for creating the St.Patrick’s Day parade in Alexandria and hosting then-President Ronald Reagan at his Ireland’s Own bar in March 1988.

Reagan’s visit was a huge media occasion. The president sipped a beer, told Irish jokes and praised Troy as a pillar of the Irish community.

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Troy was also known for his charitable side and helped many Irish when they first came to America.

Born in Offaly, Troy emigrated to America 40 years ago as a penniless immigrant and made a huge success of his life. Just days after sharing Grand Marshal duties with his wife in the city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade he founded 37 years ago, he died at age 76.

“So many people knew him; he couldn’t walk down the street without being stopped,” Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg told WTOP.

“He just had all these lasting friendships. It’s amazing. Across the board, up and down the generations. He really will be missed.”

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“How incredible it is that he was able to enjoy this moment and the city was able to salute him,” Silberberg added.

“A lot of people were helped by Pat Troy … He just had a tremendous presence.”

Troy was named an Alexandria Living Legend, “which is a huge honor,” Silberberg added.

Troy is survived by his wife Bernadette, children Patrick and Kathleen, and other family members.